Get to Know the Different Types of Cheese

Cheese has been a favorite food for 4,000 years. People love it so much that there are more than a thousand types of cheese around the world. Most are made from cow’s milk, but others are from goat, sheep, reindeer, buffalo, yak and camel too. Below is a list of some cheeses based on the type of milk.

Buffalo’s Milk
1. Mozzarella is made using the pasta filata method, a traditional recipe in which the cheese goes through a plascticising and kneading treatment in hot water.
2. Burrata is made by wrapping cream and stracciatella with a shell of mozzarella, sugar and/or butter. It’s a type of cheese that has to be served fresh.

Camel’s Milk
1. Caravane is a camel’s milk cheese which is curdled using enzymes. Camel milk doesn’t contain proteins for natural curdling. Camel’s milk cheese is difficult to produce because the females have to be at least 4 years old before they can start breeding.
2. Kadchgall is a type of hard cheese made in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The camel’s milk and sometimes sheep’s milk is allowed to clot using yogurt.

Donkey’s Milk
1. Pule is made from endangered Balkan donkey’s milk. This cheese in particular comes from donkeys in the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve in Serbia where they also produce donkey milk liqueur. Pule needs 25 liters of the milk to create 1 kg of cheese.

Goat’s Milk
1. Buche de Chevre is ripened for at least 7 days. It’s produced in the Poitou-Charentes region.
2. Capra al Pepe looks like a black wheel because it has black pepper and aged for at least 4 months.

Mare’s Milk
1. Kumis or Ayrag is the cheese and yogurt made from fermented mare’s milk. It’s ideal for people who are lactose-intolerant. Mare’s milk is high in lactose, but it’s fermented by combining yeast and lactic acid bacteria in a horse-hide container.

Moose’s Milk
1. Moose Milk Cheese is difficult to create because extracting milk takes time and patience. Two liters of milk takes at least 2 hours to get, that is why it’s also expensive. Most of the cheese is produced today in Sweden.

Reindeer’s Milk
1. Reindeer’s Milk Cheese was first made in Kainuu and Northern Finland. Besides reindeer’s milk, the leipajuusto is also made from cow’s beestings and goat’s milk. Juustoleipa means “cheese bread” while Leipajuusto means “bread cheese.”

Sheep’s Milk
1. Azeitao is made from unpasteurized milk cured for 21 days. The flower of the cardoon is used as a coagulant.
2. Swaledale is made in North Yorkshire, England. It should be consumed between 4 to 6 weeks old so you can enjoy its taste.

Water Buffalo’s Milk
1. Bufala Soldier is a blend of cow and goat milk and water buffalo cream. It’s produced only during winter.
2. Caprese di Bufala is a combination of dried tomato flakes and pasteurized buffalo milk.

Yak’s Milk Cheese
1. Tibet is a type of cheese is produced primarily in that region. For thousands of years they have been dependent on yaks for food, milk and other supplies.
2. Chhurpi or Durkha is made in Tibet and Nepal. This is the hard variety of cheese made from cured curds dried in the sun or oven.