The Advantages of VoIP Over the Traditional Phone System

With the advancements in technology and communication, it would be more practical to switch over to more efficient and cheaper ways of communicating especially when it comes to business. Traditional telephony in offices is no longer considered to be the best method of communication, especially with the use of the Internet in almost all aspects of life. Thanks to VoIP Singapore or Voice over Internet Protocol, it is now possible to connect with clients, employees, and customers even outside of the country.

Here are some of the benefits of using VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol in your business:

Great Solutions for Big Companies

A PBX phone system or a private branch exchange phone system will be able to bridge the gap among employees working in different departments but are within the same establishment. The PBX phone system, sometimes called the IP PBX telephone system, is a private telephone network made specifically for the business that uses Internet Protocol to deliver messages. It means that instead of traditional telephony which has a lot of limits especially when communicating outside the business, the IP PBX telephone system will have no limits in extensions and trunks.

Instant Communication within Multiple Locations

VoIP Singapore is an efficient method of delivering messages to personnel located in other headquarters outside of the country, perfect for companies that have international offices. It is also ideal for businesses that frequently send some employees abroad, because the Singapore communication can be programmed to behave as if you’re talking to the other person locally. The company will no longer be hindered by time and distance when it comes to business transactions because IP (Internet Protocol) is flexible and can be configured easily. Plus, there are no hassles when it comes to subscription plans and vendors anymore.

Routing and Emergency Calls

If the company can readily change or assign the location of a number through the use of VoIP Singapore, it can also enable outbound and inbound calling rules that are suitable for local numbers and international inbound calls. The company can also create rules when forwarding some calls based on the day of the week for example, a useful method to hide the actual location of the company or the time when an employee decides to call. Emergency calling is also a bonus, which will enable employees to call during emergencies even when they are using international numbers.

Increase the Savings

Having your company’s own hosted PBX or hosted private branch exchange will allow the business to save money because the hosting company will provide the hardware and software programs that are needed. Hosted pbx will include software programs such as conference calls, e-mails, and e-fax. That way, employees can talk to others on the phone while using other applications at the same time. As long as there is an Internet connection, VoIP Singapore will allow the use of the adapter to communicate. This will help employees to increase their productivity because they can perform various tasks without any hassle or interruption.

Allows for Mobility

Employees who are required to travel all the time can still send documents, share other data, and attend video conferencing and virtual meetings no matter where they are. Advancements in technology will allow for clear and fast phone calls or video calls that are even better than traditional telephony. You don’t have to worry about lags in transmission, distorted voices or dropped calls. Communication is also safer especially when the company uses cloud VoIP that is hosted or provided by third party. It has conference bridges and extension dialing that will help with meetings without anyone having to cancel trips outside the country. Some employees can also access the office at home with the use of VoIP, as long as there is extranet or intranet.

VoIP is User-Friendly

Despite the name, the use of VoIP does not require any degree in computer and communications. It’s readily accessible to everyone, even those outside the corporate world. For large companies, however, it would be more practical to hire a third party to provide cloud VoIP for communication within the business. Unlike traditional telephony, there is no need for separate cables and installation of hardware that can be fire hazards. VoIP relies mostly on the software and the Internet instead of hardware when transferring the voice into digital signals. It is easier to install, use, maintain, and troubleshoot, perfect for companies that don’t have their own information technology department.

Flexible Layout of the Network

There is no one topology for VoIP to work, that is why the company can also access and use the Ethernet or ATM. There is no need to worry about not being able to connect to a wired network, because VoIP can use Wi-Fi and it also eliminates the problems of PTSN connections. There will be fewer instances of communication problems because it will be able to support different communication types.

Various Features

VoIP services for business includes a lot of features such as the following: voicemail, contact lists, conference calls, e-mail, caller ID, video call, video conference, three-way calling, call forwarding, call blocking, IPFax (receiving and sending of fax), local number portability, voicemail-to-email, interactive voice recognition, remote management, automatic call distribution, bandwidth report, and duration of calls.

Disadvantages of Using VoIP

However, there are disadvantages to using VoIP. These include the possibility of interrupted communication when there is a power outage. Its reliance on the Internet will also affect the transmission of messages because you are bound by the limitations and congestions in the connection. During calls, there will also be a tendency of voice distortion especially when you’re also using your computer or mobile device for other tasks while making the call. Lastly, security issues will still plague the use of VoIP because there are risks involved such as malware, spamming, tampering of calls, phishing, and identify theft.

Common Mistakes When Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Finding the right A/C service provider who can cater to your aircon repair needs can actually be easy if you just know what kind of service you really need and what factors you should consider – your budget, the model of your air conditioning unit, the skills of the technician and the time it takes to finish the repair job. But even with these factors, it’s still possible to commit some mistakes when choosing an A/C contractor. With that in mind, we listed down some of the common mistakes that you should avoid as you select a technician who will get your work done.

1. Choosing an A/C service provider based solely on who has the lowest service charge

While it’s tempting to hire an aircon servicing company based on price alone, understand that cheap pricing doesn’t equate to good quality repair work. Choosing an A/C contractor should be based on overall value and not just on their service charge alone. This is why as you compare quotes from various service providers, ensure that you compare them detail to detail to see if you’ll be able to get your money’s worth from these contractors. Delving deeper into these quotes including those from in Singapore will surely make you realize that some companies charge relatively higher because of the services included in their package.

2. Having several contractors compete for the lowest bid

You might think that this is a good way to do business with a contractor in Singapore, but it’s actually not. Understand that a reputable A/C repair company has enough loyal clients, which means they don’t have to deal with price-shopping customers like you. So once you find a good technician, be sure to stay loyal to him. Asking services from different contractors won’t motivate any of them to keep you as a client. Keep in mind that quality HVAC contractors will be loyal to as long as you’re loyal to them. So ensure that you keep loyalty in mind as you start choosing an aircon servicing company for your repair work.

3. Thinking that the right equipment is all your technician needs to do your repair job

Most A/C service companies in Singapore have the best and latest equipment for air conditioning repair, but that doesn’t mean that they all know how to use it. Some service providers tend to purchase HVAC repair tools with tons of features without knowing how to operate any of it. If that’s case, then you might as well hire a contractor who uses an old equipment but is knowledgeable in operating it. Also, make sure that the technician you’re planning to hire is well-trained so your repair job will be properly done without any delays.

4. Rushing the contractor to finish your air conditioning repair job

Mistakes tend to happen when you rush things. Hurrying might cause you to forget to tell your technician about certain instructions or make poor equipment purchasing decisions because you’re too focused on getting the job done fast – instead of getting it done right. So before starting your aircon repair project, make sure to talk it out with your HVAC contractor. Consider your technician as your project partner and get him involved right from the start. Also, inform him in advance about what you want repaired or installed. A good service provider will definitely do his best to keep you updated on how the repair job is progressing.

5. Hiring an A/C technician who doesn’t offer any warranty on his work

A reputable contractor automatically offers a warranty for their work, which means they’ll redo the job for free in case they’ve made some sort of mistake. Unfortunately, some aircon maintenance and repair companies don’t offer such guarantee; they won’t provide you with quality work and they won’t fix their mistakes either. So the best thing that you can do to ensure that you receive quality work, and to cut down your future costs, is to hire a contractor who provides a warranty for his work. Hiring one will give you an assurance that they’ll redo their work for free if ever they mess up on their first try.

6. Failing to ask for references of the contractor’s previous clients

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid having problems with your contractor is to ask for references of his previous clients in your area in Singapore. So before deciding on whether or not you’ll hire a particular service provider, have him provide you with three names of his past customers. Ask about how long they’ve worked with these people, and inquire about what type of A/C work they did for these customers. If possible, get names of customers who has similar repair job as yours. That way you can determine whether or not the contractor is capable of catering to your repair needs.

7. Believing that all air conditioner repair companies are the same

One of the biggest mistake you’ll ever make when looking for an aircon servicing company is to think that they’re all the same. Sure, they might be offering the same services, but not all of them are skilled or experienced enough to handle and fix complex HVAC problems. So make sure that you hire someone capable of properly analysing and fixing your problem, while providing you with a good customer experience.

Other than knowing all the important factors to consider, avoiding these mistakes will also help you in finding the right aircon servicing contractor for your project. So be sure to keep these information in mind as you look for the service provider who will get the job done right at the first time.

Must-Have Exfoliating Tools to Improve Your Skincare Routine

While it shouldn’t be that difficult, choosing a good exfoliator often requires you to be a bit involved – especially if you’ll be deciding whether you’ll go for a physical scrub or use a chemical exfoliator. If you want to keep the process gentle and simple, however, then opting for an exfoliating tool might be the best way to go. For that reason, we listed down some of the best exfoliating tools that’ll help you enjoy the benefits of a scrub sans its harsh side effects.

1. Bristle Brush
When it comes to rotating exfoliator brushes, Clarisonic is considered a classic. The exfoliating tool offers various brush heads and speed options that you can use depending on your skin type and how deep you want your exfoliation to be.

2. Silicone Brush
You can now completely tailor your exfoliating experience using a silicone brush that comes with four different brush heads, each geared towards exfoliating a specific skin-type. Not to mention its different intensity settings that’ll help you enjoy a customizable cleanse.

3. Pore Brush
Specifically made to clean out your pores, this exfoliating tool works by gently opening up your pores and buffing out oil and dirt. Plus, its small size allows it to exfoliate areas that are commonly hard to reach like the corners of your nose.

4. Konjac Sponge
If you want a gentle exfoliation that targets your specific skin-type, then a konjac sponge is for you. These sponges are made from plant roots, but are gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. What’s more amazing is they carry various infusions like charcoal or clay, which can be used to address certain skin issues.

5. Silicone Pad
Silicone pad is a must-have, especially if you’re looking for an exfoliating tool that doesn’t need to be charged and has an antibacterial option. Its tiny bristles will help in exfoliating and softening the skin – and as long as you air-dry and keep it clean, you won’t have to worry about bacterial growth or replacing it every other month.

6. Face Mitt
Give your finger the power to exfoliate your skin by slipping on this exfoliating mitts. Simply scrubbing it on the area you want to exfoliate is already enough to slough off dead skin and reveal a smoother complexion – and you won’t even need to use a cleanser just to get the scrubbing done.

The road to achieving fresh and glowing skin doesn’t need to be filled with harsh scrubs – especially if you got your hands on any of these exfoliating tools. So go ahead and enjoy the amazing benefits of scrubbing minus its rather harsh side effects.

How to Successfully Set and Reach Your Savings Goals

Setting a specific savings goals is the easiest way to help you start saving money. Simply depositing your hard-earned cash in the bank only makes it easier to withdraw when you want to purchase something or to simply overspend. This is why it’s crucial for you to save for a specific reason, whether you’re working towards several goals or focusing on a single goal that you’re eager to accomplish – and so we listed down some tips on how you could do just that.

1. Select a Specific Reason to Save
The first step to reaching your savings goals is to determine what you’re saving your money for. It can be for a dream vacation, a down payment for your home, or the payment for a car. You could be saving for all these reasons. Once you’ve decided on what goal you’ll be saving for, you now need to determine the amount of money you need to reach that goal.

2. Make a Timeline for your Savings Goal
After determining what your savings goal is, as well as the amount of money you’ll need to reach that goal, it’s now time to create a timeline for that goal. A timeline will help in giving you additional motivation to meet your savings goal. It can be as simple as going on a vacation in a year or preparing the down payment for your house in two years. Goals like an emergency fund or saving for retirement, on the other hand, require you to set benchmarks and dates when you should achieve them. By the time you reach the age forty, for instance, you might already want to have at least S$50,000 in your retirement savings account.

3. Set a Monthly Savings Goal
For you to be able to closely follow your savings goal timeline, you need to determine how much money you’ll need to save every month just to reach it. This should be easier to calculate for most of your goals, except for your retirement account. If you’re thinking of saving for your retirement, carefully consider your contributions and rate of return before setting a monthly savings goal for it.

4. Use the Right Savings Tool
Apart from having a timeline for your savings goal, you should also find the right type of account to use for your savings. If you’re planning to save money for more than five years, then you should look at opening mutual funds. Money market accounts through your credit union or your bank also offer good rates of return. Knowing what tool to use for your savings goal will definitely help in making the process of reaching it a lot easier.

Setting and reaching your savings goal isn’t as difficult as many people think. All you’ve got to do is determine the goal you want to achieve, set a timeline when you want to accomplish it, and you’ll be able to enjoy your savings sooner than you might have thought.

5 Things Your Supplements Don’t Do

Minerals, vitamins and supplements provide many health benefits, but it’s important to realize that they have their limits—and to check some of their excessive claims as part of their marketing strategy. If you think your supplements can give you the following results, think again.

1. Meal Replacement
Supplements are not meant to replace the nutrients found in food. Supplements cannot counteract excessive intake of saturated fat and cannot replace nutrients provided by foods you ignore. Also, though scientists are able to extract disease-fighting phytochemicals from fruits, vegetables and other foods, there are also many others that are yet undiscovered—ones that deactivates when extracted or can’t be extracted from the food at all.

2. Performance Boosters
Brands claiming of improving performance, whether mental or physical, are difficult to prove, and any enhancement, if there is, would be limited even in a healthy person. Although your food supplement may boost mental function in someone suffering mild to severe memory lost, it can have negligible effect on your memory or ability to concentrate. Likewise, a supplement that claims to fight fatigue is not going to turn an average jogger into an athlete, nor is it clear that aphrodisiac supplements are effective for those diagnosed with sexual dysfunction.

3. Cure-All Supplements
Up to date, no supplements have been scientifically found to cure any serious illness—including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or STDs. However, the right supplement can help improve chronic conditions, such as osteoarthritis and migraine, and can also help relieve some symptoms. There are also supplements that can treat minor burns and of course helps avoid the development of serious illnesses in the first place.

4. Weight Loss Solution
Food supplements claiming to be weight loss solutions may be popular, but it is questionable if any of them can provide such results without regular exercise and diet. Brands promoting to burn fats will not burn enough on their own for significant weight loss.

5. Lifestyle Converters
Taking food supplements will not compensate for practices known to contribute to developing health illnesses, like lack of exercise and smoking. Optimal health needs a wholesome diet and lifestyle, especially since most of us intent on aging well physically and mentally.

Food supplements are beneficial additions to your diet. However, it only boosts supply of nutrients and aid in the improvement of your health. It doesn’t alter your diet, nor cure any health problems you may have.

How Much Does a Window Cleaning Insurance Cost?

Have you ever decided on getting insurance for your cleaners? If you are currently considering it, then you must also start thinking about the potential window cleaning insurance cost. Of course, this is an expense you have to deal with when getting insurance for your cleaners. As a business owner, you have to know and understand this aspect in order for you to prepare your budget.

Before you decide about getting a liability insurance for window cleaners, it is a must for you to know the coverage of this insurance first. You do not want to waste your money on something you do not fully understand, right? Why do you need to get these protection for your cleaners? Well, it is because you cannot actually predict what will happen in the house of your customers. In the next section, we will discuss about when and where accidents that require cleaning insurance might occur.

Accidents That Need Liability Insurance
Insurance is actually needed in order to cover accidental costs. There are different insurance for different accidents. If you are running a cleaning agency that caters to different establishments like homes or offices, then what you need is a cleaning services insurance. Are you thinking of when and where you will be able to use this insurance? Here are some of the possible accidents that will be covered by this kind of insurance:
• Accidents where your cleaners might break something from your customer’s house
• Accidents where they might be items missing in your customer’s house while the cleaning service is going on
• Accidents where your cleaners might cause anything that could hurt themselves and other people while doing the job

The ones listed above are just some of the possible accidents that might occur during the cleaning service you provide to your customers. If you do not have any liability insurance for window cleaners, then you will have to pay for the accident costs. Therefore, if a cleaner breaks something, you will be liable for it. If someone gets hurt while cleaning, then you will have to be accountable for the hospital and medical bills. You are lucky if you only have to pay for these, but what if the homeowner wants to file a case against you? Then, you have no choice but to face that lawsuit.

If you do not know any insurance company that offers cleaning service insurance, then it is best for you to browse the Internet. This will help you find the most reliable insurance firms without having the need to go around the city and exert too much effort. Always compare the window cleaning insurance costs before deciding on using the services of a particular company. Find out how long they have been in the business. Learn more about their insurance’s coverage. Review the feedback of their previous and existing clients. Know how fast they respond to the needs of their clients. By gathering all these information, it will be easy for you to choose among these firms.