What to Do When You’ve Eaten Too Much

Okay, maybe you’ve had a little too much during your family dinner. Maybe you’ve become way too full and start feeling a little bit drowsy. This is commonly expected during the holidays. When you’re with your friends and family, sometimes you can’t help yourself but eat a little too much especially since the food is usually too good to be true.

Struggles of Eating Too Much
When you’re having a good time, you usually end up eating too much and only realize it when it’s too late. Now what do you do? Well, there are a lot of things you can do for you to go back to your normal state when you can freely move your body and won’t have to sit down too much.

What exactly happens here? Well, what happens is you’ve gone a bit past your limit that your stomach is starting to expand and as you are trying your best to digest your food, your body ends up focusing your blood circulation on your stomach.

The Dangers of “Food Coma”
When you overeat, instead of a healthy circulation, your body then exerts extra effort on digesting all the extra food on your stomach. Now, this really depends on your metabolism. Some people can eat quite a number of plates and won’t have a hard time digesting their food because their body is constantly burning and digesting the food inside your stomach. Now, some food digest faster than the others while some food might take quite a bit of your time just for it to digest.

How do you avoid food coma? Well, one technique would be to work out about an hour before you actually eat something to keep your body pumped. Go for a little jog or some basic cardio exercises just for you to activate and accelerate your metabolism. Accelerating your metabolism is a great way for you to be able to eat more than you usually do.

Metabolism and Food Intake
The main goal is for your body to keep up with what you eat and not the other way around. Once you’re full, your metabolism goes down. A great way to activate it again is to eat fruits like pineapple for you to be able to energize your body again.

This helps normalize the flow of your blood throughout your body even after you’ve had way too much. Don’t let anything slow you down this holiday season, make sure you are in shape for any festive celebration you are to attend with your family and friends. Don’t spoil the fun, make sure your body is ready to eat a bit more than you are used to.