Relationship Mistakes You Should Never Commit

Although it has its fair share of fun times, relationships also come with a few challenges. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll notice its red flags before it becomes too serious. There are obvious ones like physical, verbal and emotional abuse, which can be an automatic ground to end things, but there are also less obvious mistakes. The ones that, when ignored, could cause a strain and ruin your relationship. To keep that from happening, we listed down some of the relationship mistakes you should never commit if you want your happily ever after to truly last.

1. Saying That Nothing is Wrong
Some issues are so obvious that you wonder why your significant other don’t realize that they did something wrong. So instead of discussing the problem, you choose to keep quiet and sulk about how he doesn’t care that you’re upset. When asked if there’s anything wrong, it’s a lot easier to answer “nothing”. It acts like a momentary Band-Aid, but the problem will still remain. You either stay angry or you move on and just sweep the issue under rug, giving it the opportunity to resurface days, weeks or months after with a greater ugliness.

2. Comparing Your Present Beau to Your Ex
Every time we experience a situation that’s remotely similar to an even from our past, we tend to draw conclusions from that past experience. When it comes to relationships, however, this logic can be very detrimental. So fight your brain’s inclination to patterns, and remember that every person or situation is unique. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t learn from your past. Rather, keep an open mind and give each person a clean slate. Remember, comparing someone you care to someone you don’t can be hurtful.

3. Keeping Scores
Keeping a tally in your relationship will only make you exhausted and resentful. So when your significant other apologizes and the issue is resolve, stop dwelling on it. Remember, you’ll both make mistakes but you’ll also do a lot of wonderful things. Your sacrifices may not even out, but the happiness brought by letting things go is far better than having a perfectly balanced scorecard.

4. Threatening to Leave the Relationship
This is a mistake that could place a dark cloud over your relationship even after your heated argument. The fundamental part of a mature relationship is staying committed even in the lowest times. By threatening to leave the relationship – even if you’re only saying it out of frustration – you’re abandoning your partner in a cowardly way. It’s a selfish power play that would benefit neither of you, so avoid doing it at all costs.

Having a happy and healthy relationship is possible if you just know what mistakes you should avoid committing. So secure your happily ever after with your significant other by simply never committing any of the aforementioned relationship mistakes.


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