Common Mistakes When Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Finding the right A/C service provider who can cater to your aircon repair needs can actually be easy if you just know what kind of service you really need and what factors you should consider – your budget, the model of your air conditioning unit, the skills of the technician and the time it takes to finish the repair job. But even with these factors, it’s still possible to commit some mistakes when choosing an A/C contractor. With that in mind, we listed down some of the common mistakes that you should avoid as you select a technician who will get your work done.

1. Choosing an A/C service provider based solely on who has the lowest service charge

While it’s tempting to hire an aircon servicing company based on price alone, understand that cheap pricing doesn’t equate to good quality repair work. Choosing an A/C contractor should be based on overall value and not just on their service charge alone. This is why as you compare quotes from various service providers, ensure that you compare them detail to detail to see if you’ll be able to get your money’s worth from these contractors. Delving deeper into these quotes including those from in Singapore will surely make you realize that some companies charge relatively higher because of the services included in their package.

2. Having several contractors compete for the lowest bid

You might think that this is a good way to do business with a contractor in Singapore, but it’s actually not. Understand that a reputable A/C repair company has enough loyal clients, which means they don’t have to deal with price-shopping customers like you. So once you find a good technician, be sure to stay loyal to him. Asking services from different contractors won’t motivate any of them to keep you as a client. Keep in mind that quality HVAC contractors will be loyal to as long as you’re loyal to them. So ensure that you keep loyalty in mind as you start choosing an aircon servicing company for your repair work.

3. Thinking that the right equipment is all your technician needs to do your repair job

Most A/C service companies in Singapore have the best and latest equipment for air conditioning repair, but that doesn’t mean that they all know how to use it. Some service providers tend to purchase HVAC repair tools with tons of features without knowing how to operate any of it. If that’s case, then you might as well hire a contractor who uses an old equipment but is knowledgeable in operating it. Also, make sure that the technician you’re planning to hire is well-trained so your repair job will be properly done without any delays.

4. Rushing the contractor to finish your air conditioning repair job

Mistakes tend to happen when you rush things. Hurrying might cause you to forget to tell your technician about certain instructions or make poor equipment purchasing decisions because you’re too focused on getting the job done fast – instead of getting it done right. So before starting your aircon repair project, make sure to talk it out with your HVAC contractor. Consider your technician as your project partner and get him involved right from the start. Also, inform him in advance about what you want repaired or installed. A good service provider will definitely do his best to keep you updated on how the repair job is progressing.

5. Hiring an A/C technician who doesn’t offer any warranty on his work

A reputable contractor automatically offers a warranty for their work, which means they’ll redo the job for free in case they’ve made some sort of mistake. Unfortunately, some aircon maintenance and repair companies don’t offer such guarantee; they won’t provide you with quality work and they won’t fix their mistakes either. So the best thing that you can do to ensure that you receive quality work, and to cut down your future costs, is to hire a contractor who provides a warranty for his work. Hiring one will give you an assurance that they’ll redo their work for free if ever they mess up on their first try.

6. Failing to ask for references of the contractor’s previous clients

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid having problems with your contractor is to ask for references of his previous clients in your area in Singapore. So before deciding on whether or not you’ll hire a particular service provider, have him provide you with three names of his past customers. Ask about how long they’ve worked with these people, and inquire about what type of A/C work they did for these customers. If possible, get names of customers who has similar repair job as yours. That way you can determine whether or not the contractor is capable of catering to your repair needs.

7. Believing that all air conditioner repair companies are the same

One of the biggest mistake you’ll ever make when looking for an aircon servicing company is to think that they’re all the same. Sure, they might be offering the same services, but not all of them are skilled or experienced enough to handle and fix complex HVAC problems. So make sure that you hire someone capable of properly analysing and fixing your problem, while providing you with a good customer experience.

Other than knowing all the important factors to consider, avoiding these mistakes will also help you in finding the right aircon servicing contractor for your project. So be sure to keep these information in mind as you look for the service provider who will get the job done right at the first time.


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