Beauty Rituals That Will Help Ease Your Anxiousness

I’ll start by saying that performing a beauty routine can’t cure anxiety, but pampering myself played a huge role every time I deal with my anxiety struggles. In my experience, taking time to pamper myself made me feel a lot better about everything else. Your beauty ritual can range from taking a relaxing bath to applying your favourite lipstick before heading out. So if you’re thinking of ways to relieve your anxiety, give the following beauty rituals a try.

1. Take a Relaxing Bath
One of the best ways to relieve your anxiety is to take a relaxing bath. Use hot water to ease any muscle tension, and be sure to take deep breaths while bathing. For your body wash, opt for one with a eucalyptus scent. The eucalyptus smell provides a nice calming effect, and the smell could linger on for the rest of the day.

2. Wear the Perfume You Love
It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Lavender is known to be good for relieving anxiety, but it can be any perfume scent that makes you happy. I personally like Body Fantasies in Vanilla since it smells like freshly-baked cookies, which never fails to cheer me up.

3. Take Time Choosing an Outfit
You have the choice to either dress down or up, the important thing is you wear something that aren’t your pyjamas. As much as possible, opt for clothing pieces that you’re comfortable wearing. It doesn’t need to be extravagant; anything that makes you feel good will already do.

4. Indulge in Applying Your Makeup
This beauty routine will certainly lift any woman’s mood. Are you skilled at doing cat-eyes? Do you love wearing red lipstick when you’re feeling down or anxious? Whatever it is you love about your makeup routine, take as much time as you need to do it. The former works for me, and seeing how perfectly made up my cat-eye look is certainly eases my anxiety and lifts up my mood.

5. Treat Your Nails to a Manicure Session
Painting your nails can be a relaxing moment of self-care, and a little reminder that you should be gentler with yourself. If you tend to bite your nails when you’re anxious, opt for nail polish gels. They lasts longer than a regular nail polish, and they won’t come off even if you bite your nails.

While it may not seem like, going through with some beauty rituals can help in calming you down and making you feel more confident. So tune in to your favourite music as you do any of these beauty rituals, and be reminded that you’re worthy of self-care.

Hair Colour Options That Will Match Your Sun-Kissed Complexion

Finding the right hair colour for your complexion is like find a pair of jeans that perfectly fits your body type – once you find it, there’s certainly no going back. If your complexion is dusky than fair, then here are some of the shades that’ll perfectly complement your skin tone.

1. Blonde or Ash Blonde: Opting for a blonde or ash blonde is one of the best ways to create a statement. Blonde (as well as any other shade under this category) is a neutral shade, which means it complements any skin colour well.

2. Copper, Gold and Red Highlights: If you’re blessed with a warm undertone, then this hair colour will be an excellent choice for you. Emphasize your sun-kissed complexion channelling your inner Rihanna and going all-out red or playing around with copper, gold and red highlights.

3. Dark Brown: If it’s your first time to change your hair colour, then opt for a nice dark brown shade to subtly change your look. You can go for one solid colours or add some lowlights and highlights to give some dimension to your tresses.

4. Medium Brown: Amber, auburn, chestnut, maple and toffee are some of the great hues to work with when you’re at a lost as to which brown hue to choose for your strands. Unlike the dark brown hues, these shades will surely bring out the elegance of your sun-kissed skin.

5. Light Brown: Soft brown hues used as a base colour or a highlight complement sun-kissed complexion well, as it instantly brightens up the face. Plus, this shade also reflect lighting quite nicely.

6. Honey and Brown: Combining shades like chocolate brown and honey is another way of adding dramatic dimension to your strands, while giving you that post-beach glow.

7. Jet Black: This shade has long been known to look good on fair-skinned ladies, but it actually looks as great on a sun-kissed complexion. A jet black hue is also a good transition shade for when you want something low-maintenance while contemplating on what your next big hair colour makeover will be.

8. Plum or Purple Highlights: Interested in pulling off a punk-rock look? If so, then opt for burgundy, plum or purples colours as a solid colour base or as edgy highlights. This shade is perfect for women with cool undertones (the veins on your wrist appear to have bluish tint).

Looking for hair colour options that perfectly match your tan complexion isn’t as difficult as you think. So the next time you visit your favourite salon in Singapore, be sure to use any of the aforementioned shades on your strands.