5 Things Your Supplements Don’t Do

Minerals, vitamins and supplements provide many health benefits, but it’s important to realize that they have their limits—and to check some of their excessive claims as part of their marketing strategy. If you think your supplements can give you the following results, think again.

1. Meal Replacement
Supplements are not meant to replace the nutrients found in food. Supplements cannot counteract excessive intake of saturated fat and cannot replace nutrients provided by foods you ignore. Also, though scientists are able to extract disease-fighting phytochemicals from fruits, vegetables and other foods, there are also many others that are yet undiscovered—ones that deactivates when extracted or can’t be extracted from the food at all.

2. Performance Boosters
Brands claiming of improving performance, whether mental or physical, are difficult to prove, and any enhancement, if there is, would be limited even in a healthy person. Although your food supplement may boost mental function in someone suffering mild to severe memory lost, it can have negligible effect on your memory or ability to concentrate. Likewise, a supplement that claims to fight fatigue is not going to turn an average jogger into an athlete, nor is it clear that aphrodisiac supplements are effective for those diagnosed with sexual dysfunction.

3. Cure-All Supplements
Up to date, no supplements have been scientifically found to cure any serious illness—including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or STDs. However, the right supplement can help improve chronic conditions, such as osteoarthritis and migraine, and can also help relieve some symptoms. There are also supplements that can treat minor burns and of course helps avoid the development of serious illnesses in the first place.

4. Weight Loss Solution
Food supplements claiming to be weight loss solutions may be popular, but it is questionable if any of them can provide such results without regular exercise and diet. Brands promoting to burn fats will not burn enough on their own for significant weight loss.

5. Lifestyle Converters
Taking food supplements will not compensate for practices known to contribute to developing health illnesses, like lack of exercise and smoking. Optimal health needs a wholesome diet and lifestyle, especially since most of us intent on aging well physically and mentally.

Food supplements are beneficial additions to your diet. However, it only boosts supply of nutrients and aid in the improvement of your health. It doesn’t alter your diet, nor cure any health problems you may have.


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