5 Creative Ways to Learn a New Language

Is learning a new language something you’ve always wanted to do? Or are you already learning one, but is currently stuck in a language-learning rut? If so, then put down your workbooks and do one of these creative ways of learning a language instead.

1. Practice Conversation Exchange
Conversation exchanges is a great option to learn a new language by in exchange of teaching other people to speak your own language. All you’ve got to do is find an online partner who can teach you the language you want to learn, and is interested in learning your own language as well. If you want to learn Japanese and you’re fluent at speaking Italian, for instance, then you need to find someone who wants to learn Italian and knows how to fluently speak Japanese.

2. Sign Up in Immersion Programs
If you have enough money for it, joining an immersion program can also be an excellent way to learn a certain country’s language and culture. Depending on the program you signed up with, you’ll likely be sent to a family host, attend classes and live in the country that speaks the language you’ve always wanted to learn.

3. Memorize the Common Words of the Language
Studies show that memorizing the first 1,000 common words of a particular language enables you to understand 90 percent of their oral language. So make the most out of the free language challenges that send you 10 common words in your target language. It’ll only take you five minutes a day to learn, so start implementing this amazing language hack into your studies now.

4. Do Some Home Immersion
Although this isn’t considered as the optimal option to learn a new language, there are still some creative ways on how you can set up your home for a productive language immersion. One way of doing it is to label some items in your house in the language you want to learn. You only need to set everything up once, and you can already start retaining new vocabulary while walking around your house.

5. Watch Online Movies With Subtitles
Perhaps one of the most entertaining way to learn a new language is to watch movies set in your target language. All you’ve got to do is find a movie that provides audio or subtitles that are in the language you want to learn, and you’re all set. Do know though, that some movies might not have a subtitle for certain languages.

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be an activity that gets tabled again – it can be something that you can embrace in a new and fun way if just put the aforementioned tips to work. While you may not immediately become a fluent speaker of your target language, learning it little by little will surely go a long way.


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